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This is a blog where I will post craft ideas, directions, tips, and more. Nothing on this blog is mine unless I otherwise label it as such. I hope that you enjoy what I'm posting. Everything that I'm posting you can find in the 2012 Big Ass Box of Crafts 365 day calendar. If you have any crafting questions, e-mail the creator at:

Punk Paper Lantern

You’ll need: 

  • round paper lantern (try 
  • package of Crayola finger paints (these work really well, and they come in a wide range of vibrant colors) 
  • paper cups 
  • hook 
  • string 

Optional: 25 watt lightbulb 

Hint: Lay some newspaper down on the floor to catch the paint when it drips. 

Here’s How: 

  1. Assemble your lantern and hang it with a hook and string so you can work with it more easily. 
  2. Water down your paints so they will drip more easily 
  3. crease the lips of the cups into spouts so you can better control the paint as you pour 
  4. Pour one color of the paint along the top rim of the lantern so that it drips down the outside. It doesn’t matter what color you choose to start with. 
  5. Pour the next color over the lamp. repeat with as many colors as you like. 
  6. When the paint is dry, unhook the lantern, rehang it upside down, and repeat steps 4-5. 
  7. Add a lightbulb to this lamp or use it as a piece of art. 

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Tip #14

Creativity is key to critical thinking and problem solving. This is something that computers and television can’t help with! 

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Silhouette Plates

You’ll need: 

  • glass plates, in any size 
  • black acrylic paint, any brand 
  • white spray paint(or any color you like), any brand 
  • flat artist brushes about 3/4” - 1” wide 
  • Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish 
  • shot of a loved one’s profile, or an image you like 
  • sharpie marker, fine tip, in black 

Suggestion: Dover Books has several great collections of silhouettes. Just take a look at their online catalog and see what you find. 

Here’s how: 

  1. Enlarge your image on a copy machine so it’s big enough to cover your plate
  2. cut out the image, and trace it onto the back of the plate using the sharpie 
  3. fill in the tracing with black acrylic paint using the artist brush. (this will take several coats) 
  4. to see if you’ve missed any spots, hold the plate up to the light 
  5. once you’ve filled in the image and the paint has dried, spray the back of the plate with your spray paint. 
  6. After the paint is dry, apply three coats of Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish to the back of the plate, letting it dry at least a half hour between coats. 

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Tip #13 

Crafting with your kids is a great way to bond and get them away from the TV and computer. 

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3-D Photo Brigade

You’ll need: 

  • glue stick 
  • lightweight cardboard (an express mail envelope would be perfect)
  • scissors 
  • craft or X-acto knife 
  • 3”x5” photos of friends and family 

Suggestion: Whenever possible, print the photos from your computer so you don’t have to cut the actual prints 

Here’s how: 

  1. Cut your photos in any way that you like. (cut out only their faces and upper bodies maybe?) 
  2. trim the cardboard into a rectangle that measures about 3” x 1 1/2” 
  3. Using the X-Acto knife, score a line on the cardboard 1/2”in from th edge, the entire length of one of the approximately 3” edges, and bend it 90 degrees 
  4. Glue the 1/2”bent part to the back of the photo and the base so that it can lean back at a very slight angle 
  5. Make a bundle of these and see how your day improves. 

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Tip #12

Think of something interesting to do with things you regularly toss out. I like to use things like subscription cards from magazines. 

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Bean Wall Panel

You’ll need:

  • 1 bag each of long grain rice, red beans, pink beans, split yellow peas, and green lentils 
  • Large canvas, at least 12”x18”
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • elmer’s glue 
  • Krylon acrylic crystal clear 
  • Latex paintbrush with 2” long soft bristles 

Suggestion: If you decide to create your own image, you’ll want to draw a layer of glue over the outside lines of your objects. You should, however, still use a dark-colored bean for these outside lines. 

Suggestion: Before you start to glue the beans and peas down, experiment with colors to see how they are going to look next to one another. If you came up with your own image, choose whatever color beans you’d like. You don’t have to stick to the list provided. Use your imagination! 

Here’s how: 

  1. Draw a border around your canvas, about 2” from the edge 
  2. Using your ruler, draw a line down the exact center of your canvas 
  3. Draw a vase and lines (like above) on the canvas, inside the border, or make your own pattern 
  4. Start by setting the main/outside lines with darker beans by drawing over your pencil line with a thick line of Elmer’s glue and placing the beans onto the glue, end to end. 
  5. Next, fill in each leaf with glue and sprinkle on some lentils until you have filled in the shape. 
  6. Working in small areas, make sure to fill in the vase and flowers with your beans and peas. 
  7. When you have finished your leaves, vines, flowers, and vase, apply glue to the areas not covered with beans, peas, and lentils, and sprinkle with rice. 
  8. When the glue dries, coat the entire piece with Krylon Acrylic Crystal Clear and let it dry. Be generous with the coating, as it will keep in place anything that could be loose. 
  9. Let the entire panel dry overnight before hanging it up. 

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Keep a notebook next to your bed for those midnight ideas that you seem to forget in the morning. 

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Marble Mason Jar Lamp

You’ll need: 

  • Push-thru side out socket (this has the cord coming out of the socket) 
  • 25 watt (or lower) lightbulb 
  • 1” of threaded rod 
  • check ring with a 3/8” diameter 
  • 1” diameter rubber washer 
  • Mason jar 
  • enough marbles to fill the jar 
  • clip-on lamp shade 
  • Drill and 3/8” diameter drill bit

SUGGESTION: Be creative with what goes inside of your mason jar. You can go with marbles of all one color, multi-color, different shapes, or even another material like polished stones or shells!  

Here’s how: 

  1. Drill a hole in the center of your jars lid 
  2. Put your threaded rod through the hole. However high you want the bulb to be from the lamps base is how much threaded rod you should leave above the lid. 
  3. From the top of your lid, screw your push-thru side out socket onto the threaded rod 
  4. Place your rubber washer on the threaded rod on the underside of the lid, then screw on your check ring. Make sure to tighten the ring to keep everything in place. 
  5. Fill your jar with your marbles, or whatever you choose to put in it. 
  6. screw on the lid. you should be left with the socket pointing upward 
  7. Place in your lightbulb and clip on your lampshade. Voila! 

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Tip #10 

Use a cutting mat when you’re cutting with a craft knife. Not just to protect your surfaces, but it slows down the knife and helps curb accidents. 

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